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In general, climate is described as the state of the atmosphere at a given location.
The pleasant sleeping climate, especially in relation to the room, mainly refers to the air circulation and the moisture content of the environment.
To sleep well and comfortably, the environment should not be too hot or too cold. The ideal ambient temperature for good sleep is between 16 and 21 degrees.


Mattresses are responsible for accommodating our entire body and therefore should be chosen according to factors such as body structure and weight. In addition, to ensure the quality of sleep, the piece should always be clean and airy.
In addition to choosing a mattress with a breathable fabric, anti mites and fungi, cleaning is important because the mattresses are subject to fluids, dust, perspiration, which can cause skin or respiratory allergies.

Air Flow

Humidity and temperature have become an essential factor in the design and function of support surfaces.
Sweat-associated humidity and temperature control is effectively administered on active mattresses, which provide frequent relief of skin contact pressures because they allow air to flow around the skin and at the interface with the mattress. This replicates the spontaneous movement of a person to remove the contact and allow the heat to spread, avoiding excessive sweating. Frequent change of air flow in the cells will also help prevent heat build-up.


When it comes to buying mattress, especially if it is a foam mattress, it is very important that the product is appropriate to the user's weight and height, so that the product has a longer life and always guarantees comfort and health to the customer.
One of the main tips for who divides mattress with another person is to measure the density using as data the greater height and also the greater weight, that is, the data of the heavier person that will use the bed. In this way, the product will be comfortable for both, since the mattress to be chosen should have a higher density